Shelley McHardy

chemistry teacher & aspiring full stack web developer
3-D molecule
various tools including a hammer wrench and level
Toolin' Around

A community toolshed application that provides neighbors a platform to list tools they have available and to borrow tools from one another.

Developed with JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, Sequelize, Handlebars, Bcrypt, Nodemailer, and Materialize.

database schema diagram
E-Commerce Back Endmore_vert
E-Commerce Back Endclose

This back end for an e-commerce site allows a user to connect to a database, create and seed a development database, start the server, and sync the Sequelize models to MySQL database.

Developed with JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, and Sequelize.

simple homepage with buttons to select a pick-me-up
Project getHAPImore_vert
Project getHAPIclose

When a user needs a pick-me-up, they are presented with the option to either get a random pick-me-up or select from three choices.

Developed with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and three APIs.

screencap of sample input and output in VS code
README Generatormore_vert
README Generatorclose

This application will allow a user to create a professional README file from the command line.

The inquirer npm package is used to prompt the user for project details and then a README file is generated.

simple icons for choosing rock paper or scissors and the results of a game
Rock Paper Scissorsmore_vert
Rock Paper Scissorsclose

The classic game played against the computer. Local storage is used to compare the user's choice to the computer's random choice to determine the winner.

Developed with HTML, JavaScript, and Bulma.

image of regex tutorial markdown file
Regex Tutorialmore_vert
Regex Tutorialclose

A tutorial that explains how a specific regular expression, or regex, functions by creating a regex for valid Dutch postal codes, breaking down each part of the expression, and describing what it does

budget tracker with graph
PWA Budget Trackermore_vert
PWA Budget Trackerclose

Updated Budget Tracker application to allow for offline access and functionality. The user will be able to add expenses and deposits to their budget with or without a connection.

Developed with JavaScript, Express, MongoDB Atlas, and Mongoose.

sample list of saved notes
Note Takermore_vert
Note Takerclose

This application allows the user to enter, save, and delete notes.

It uses an Express.js back end and saves and retrieves note data from a JSON file.

screenshot of generated password
Password Generatormore_vert
Password Generatorclose

This app will provide a user with a randomly generated password of a desired length. The user also has the choice of character types to include in their password.

Developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript